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Policy and procedures list

 I have a list of policies and procedures that I follow to ensure the safety and well-being of all children in my care. 

 The list is as follows 

 Accident and incident policy 

 Nappy and toilet training policy 

 Paddling pool policy 

 Severe weather policy 

 Sickness, illness and infectious diseases policy 

 Special needs policy 

 Sun protection policy 

 Sleeping baby and toddler policy 

 Settling in policy 

 Pet and animal policy 

 Lost child policy 

 Healthy eating policy 

 Working in partnership with parents/carers policy 

 Visitors in my home during minded hours policy 

 Unexpected closure of my childminding setting policy 

 Television policy 

 Supporting children who are experiencing loss or change in their lives policy 

 Safeguarding children policy 

 Procedure for allegations of abuse against myself as a childminder 

 Risk assessment policy 

 Prevent of duty policy 

 Mobile phone and camera policy 

 Medicine policy 

 Managing behaviour policy 

  Inclusion and equality policy 

 Health and safety policy 

 Sick child policy 

 Care, learning and play policy 

 Observation policy 

 Safety on outings policy 

 Complaints procedure 

 Confidentiality policy 

 Dropping off and collection policy 

 Emergency evacuation procedure 

 Failure to collect your child policy 

 Fire policy and procedure 

 Whistle blowing policy 

 Garden equipment policy 

 Biting policy 

 Food and drink policy 

 Smoking policy 

  Hygiene policy 

 Language policy 

 Major allergens policy 

 Child protection policy 

 Fees policy 

 General data protection regulation  (GDPR) policy 

 Headlice policy 


 Be a big dreamer and anything is possible. 


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Monday-friday  7.00am til 19.00pm

Saturday emergency care only 

9.00am til 16.00pm