Big dreamers childminding

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With the threat of covid-19 spreading and infection cases rising i would just like to assure you that all toys and areas are cleaned daily. 
After every childcare session are toys are anti-bacterial wiped and sprayed. 
Sterilised cleaning is also still being carried out all on toys and areas once a month.

parents drop off at the door and say goodbye to minimise the risk of carrying the infection inside the setting. 
if you are due for a settling period with your child we have masks and hand sanitizer available at the door before entering. We ask that you also remove your shoes at the door as well as we have little hands that touch our floors inside the play room. 

Museum trip

The children enjoyed the where’s wally hunt and the Halloween hunt and dressing up as explores.

Museum trip.

We enjoyed a trip to valence museum where we took part in a where's wally hunt and a halloween hunt. The children enjoyed dressing up as explores and walking around the museum looking for clues. 

Some half term fun. 

Pumpkin carving

The children enjoyed pumpkin carving for Halloween during the half term.

Pumpkin carving

The children enjoyed some pumpkin carving under supervision of a adult. 

We used number stencils and carving tools to create our pumpkins.

Halloween and and half term fun.

Safety in my home

I have a number of safety features in my home. 

I have stair gates at the bottom of the stairs. 

The entrance to the kitchen. 

I also have 2 full and up to regulation first aid boxes in my home. One is in the play room, the other one is in the kitchen. They are both out of reach of the children but can be accessed by myself if needed. 

Eating and napping area

I offer a fold away dining table that is put out for lunchtime and teatime.  I also have a small  eating table for younger children. 

 Soft sleeping mats with cushions and blankets for children that want to take a nap during the day. 

Eating and sleeping areas

Older children and smaller children eating areas. Soft napping areas.

Eating and napping areas.

Cloak room

 I also provide a cloakroom for coats and shoes of the children  in my care. 


Creative cupboard

 My storage cupboard contains  paints, crayons, pencils, felt tips, rolls of paper, safety scissors, sticking materials, paint pots, paintbrushes,  glue sticks,  colouring books, puzzle books and card.